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Build Your Sponsor Relationship

Your sponsors will love how their brand gets more visibility for supporting your cause. This could help in expanding your relationship and securing more sponsorship down the road! Sponsoring your campaign will help them with their customer acquisition and help you with donor acquisition.

Double Your Impact


Dollar matching and sponsored incentives have been shown to increase the average donation amount and donor base.

Reward Your Donors


Sponsored incentives are a great way to show gratitude to your supporters for donating to your cause.

Congratulations on securing a sponsor!

Donation matching and sponsored perks can push a crowdfunding campaign to the next level.  By letting us know the details of your sponsorship, we can highlight it on your campaign to show your increased impact.

"Offering to double up and dollar-matching individual contributions boosts campaign results. Our research found a match significantly increases the probability that an individual donates - by 22%."

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